About Thymo

Hey there!

My name’s Thymo (Adelmar) Boog, I’ve been creating music since a young age. As a little kid, I used to mess around in my father’s studio and write my own songs. Eventually I started my study at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), following the course Composition for the Media and Audio Design for Games at the faculty of Music & Technology, graduating in 2017. Now I’m working as a freelancer and expanding my own business, profiling myself as Technical Audio Designer for non-linear media, which means I create and implement music and sound design for games and new realities.

My style:

I like to work closely together with directors and designers in order to create music and sounds that will make the audio fit just for that game or video. This creates a unique sonic identity for your film or game, which will make it stand out among all the other generic audio.

Of course you’ll get to know my audio best by listening to my portfolio. If there’s anything specific for your game that you wonder I can create, don’t hesitate to ask for a sample. I am able to create music in all kinds of genres, so I’ll probably have some example in the style you’re looking for! For any questions or inqueries, you can mail me at info@tabmediamusic.com